Organic foods And GMO Foods, which one is better?


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There are two sides to this story. One side says, "GMOs are modified by genetic engineering, which is unnatural, therefore GMO foods are bad for our health."


The other side speaks out against the first side, saying "it's not that easy to define what's natural or not." Organic farming, they argue, also modifies nature with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


"If we want to start a discussion on whether the genetically modified organism is good or not," the second group says, "we first have to understand what organic food is."


Organic farming is a type of farming that produces food without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. There are strict regulations about what can be called organic. For example, livestock has to be fed natural sources only. Organic farmers cannot give animals antibiotics or hormones on a routine basis. There are also standards for certifying organic farms and products.


To meet these standards, organic farmers use permaculture and agroecology instead of conventional practices. Some examples include crop rotation, which uses different crops in succession in the same field; intercropping, which plants multiple crops in the same area; mulching or composting.


Everyone seems to agree that organic foods are better than GMOs. In fact, they're so obviously better that it's hard to imagine anyone arguing with the proposition.


The problem is, of course, that we've made the mistake of letting our friends do our reasoning for us. Most of the things we believe are the things our friends believe, whether or not the things make any sense. For example, we think eating organic foods is good for us because all those people who are like us think it's good for them. We know these people; they're our friends. And we can't imagine there could be a reason to eat non-organic foods that wouldn't also apply to them. The truth is that you must do your own research to really know which foods are good for your body. Commercials are made up of actors and there does not have to be any legitimate truth. But here are two questions to ask yourself that are simple. Do I want to eat food that comes naturally from the earth? Do I mind eating any other kinds of foods other than that?