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Coffee, Tea & Hot Cocoa

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  1. STASH TEA: Green Tea Moroccan Mint 20 Tea Bags, 0.9 oz

    A delightful and exotic blend of green tea and mints, with a hint of lemon. China Young Hyson green tea, spearmint and peppermint from Oregon, and freshly cut lemongrass are combined for a fragrant, refreshing and aromatic Moroccan Mint green tea. It is a superb drink hot or iced. Try it Moroccan style, sweetened with sugar. In the bazaars of Morocco in North Africa, tea is served on a "sinya" or three legged tray, usually made of brass, plus a smaller tray which holds three boxes, one for green tea, one for mint and one for sugar. The tea is prepared in a samovar which brews strong, highly concentrated tea. Then it is heavily sweetened with sugar and a touch of mint. The tea is then poured into a teapot (known as a Moroccan style pot) which is elongated rather than round with a longer spout. The tea is poured from this teapot held high in the air into small crystal glasses with brass handles. Moroccans enjoy the social ritual of making this sweet flavorful tea which goes well with their hearty lamb stew, couscous, nuts and apricots. Learn More
  2. RUNA: Clean Energy Organic Tea Mint, 14 oz

    Enliven your senses with a blend of cool mint and naturally sweet guayusa. Learn More
  3. NUMI: Black Lemon Tea, 12 fo

    Alchemy: This malty Yunnan black tea balanced with real lemon and organic cane sugar provides a satisfying, slightly sweet, citrus boost.   Flavor Notes: Organic Yunnan black tea with a splash of lemon   Occasion: For a refreshing break in your day, relax and enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness & tea Learn More
  4. NUMI TEAS: Morning Breakfast Blend Black Tea, 18 bg

    This complex blend of organic black teas – malty Assam, robust Ceylon, brisk Chinese Keemun and hints of floral Darjeeling – creates a hearty, balanced morning cup. Learn More
  5. GUAYAKI: Organic Yerba Mate Lemon Elation, 15.5 oz

    Guayaki's Lemon Elation is a flavorful tribute to the Ache Guayaki and their legendary beverage. Learn More
  6. ARIZONA: Sugar Free Peach Iced Tea 10 Stix, 0.8 oz

    Looking for a zero calorie product that actually tastes good? Try this sugar free mix with a sweet peach taste and scent. You'll also get the protective antioxidants that tea naturally contains, so it's good for you too. This on-the-go powder mix is perfect for a busy lifestyle. Simply add it to bottled water and shake, or mix with a glass at home and stir. It's lightweight and convenient to travel with anywhere. Learn More
  7. ZEST TEA: Earl Grey Energy Tea, 15 ct

    Zest Tea has three times more caffeine than traditional tea and L-Theanine, a rare amino acid found in tea, reduces the caffeine jitters and crashes for a steady, all-day focus. Learn More
  8. YACHAK ORGANIC: Berry Blue Tea, 16 fl oz

    Contains 160MG of 100% Naturally Occurring Caffeine From OrganicYerba Mate Learn More
  9. HEATH AND HEATHER: Organic Imperial Matcha Green Tea, 20 ea

    Imperial Matcha is here combined with a smooth and delicate blend of organic green tea leaves, to deliver a well-balanced infusion with subtle earthly flavour. Matcha is made from whole Japanese green tea ground to a powder and is believed to be the purest way to ingest the Camelia Sinensis plant. IngredientsOrganic Green Tea (97%), Organic Japanese Matcha (3%). Learn More
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Items 41-50 of 527

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