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  1. REPURPOSE: Clear Cold Cup, 12 oz

    Repurpose Cold Cups are made 100% from plants, BPA free, renewable and compostable. Can be used for cold liquids only. Learn More
  2. BIO KLEEN: Bac-Out Fresh Natural Fabric Refresher Lemon Thyme, 16 oz

    Enzymes and essential oils digest and naturally eliminate tough odors that get trapped in fabrics. Works great on sofas, bedding, cars, pet areas, curtains, and sports equipment. Leaves no harsh fumes or residue. Learn More
  3. REPURPOSE: Eco-Friendly Tree Free Paper Bowls, 20 count

    Repurpose Bowls are made 100% from plants, Chlorine free, renewable and compostable. Each unit contains 20 bowls. They are heavy duty and made from reclaimed wood pulp. Learn More
  4. WORLD CENTRIC: Wheat Straw Bowls 20 pack, 11.5 oz

    World Centric Wheat Straw Bowls 20 Pack, 11.5 Oz World Centric® bowls are made from wheatstraw, a leftover agricultural fiber and an annually renewable resource. Lids for Burrito Bowls are made from NatureWorks Ingeo™, a product derived from plants grown in the USA. Microwave and freezer safe, can be used for both hot and cold items Soak proof* No plastic or wax lining Suitable for hot foods up to 220 Fahrenheit Conform to FDA guidelines for food use Gluten-free. Wheatstraw is the remaining plant fiber after the grain (which stores the proteins and allergens) has been removed. Learn More
  5. MELITTA: Coffee Filters Basket, 200 pc

    Melitta's super premium basket filters hold their shape and won’t tear Our high-quality, thicker paper is what sets our basket filters apart from your average store brand Learn More
  6. REPURPOSE: Compostable Clear 12 oz Cold Cups, 50ct

    This is not a traditional plastic cup.It's made from plants, not petroleum. It is also certified compostable so it breaks down in a matter of months, not millennia. We're like you - people who want high quality, convenient products at an affordable price, but still want to lessen our environmental impact.Say hello to Repurpose Compostables. We're a green company - not a division of a big plastic company. We make products exclusively from plants and we're on a mission to reduce petroleum-based plastics in our environment and replace them with renewable alternatives.So our products are free of all the things you don't want: BPA, oil-based inks, and petroleum - leaving only the things you do want: durable, eco-friendly cups. Learn More
  7. ENVIRO: Bottle BPA Free 5 Gal, 1 ea

    Great bottles for large families or for water storage. Can be used with any of our porcelain or stainless steel water dispensers. Integrated handle makes it easy to carry and lift. Reusable and shatter resistant. Store water for regular use or for use during emergencies. Learn More
  8. ENVIRO: Bottle BPA Free, 2.2 liter

    Our patented and most popular bottle. The 2.2-liter is perfect for staying hydrated as it holds your daily requirement of water. Great for cleanses or supplement regimens that requires close monitoring of your water intake. The handle makes this bottle easy to take along on long hikes, camping trips, to the gym or for a day at the beach. The strong nylon strap and durable stainless steel cap attach to the bottle… no more lost caps! Learn More
  9. PAPERCHEF: Culinary Parchment Extra Large Baking Cups, 30 Pc

    There’s nothing better than taking that first bite of a warm, fresh-from-the-oven muffin – but there’s nothing worse than when that perfect muffin is all too reluctant to release itself from the grips of the paper cup it’s wrapped in. To virtually eliminate the undesired broken muffin from your kitchen, add Culinary Parchment Baking Cups to your list of necessary ingredients. With the inherent non-stick properties of parchment, gently peeling back the natural golden paper will reveal perfectly delicious – and intact – muffins and cupcakes every time. And experimenting with the mini, large and extra large sizes will add diversity to your baking. For the adventurous chef in you, think outside of the cup – because this baking essential is not just simply for baked goods. Try combining olive oil, chopped vegetables, herbs and an egg together in a parchment cup and bake in a cooking ring for about 10 minutes. Simply peeling away the paper will uncover a beautifully molded baked egg. Place a small strip of crispy bacon on top of the egg as part of the presentation for a special touch. Baking Cups can also make seemingly complicated dishes less intimidating for the everyday chef. Gazpacho jelly, a Spanish-style cold soup set in cubes or other molded shapes, may seem like a dish reserved for the masters. But using parchment cups to set the ingredients will help maintain a perfect shape without sticking when it comes time to serve. Since all Culinary Parchment products are 100% biodegradable, using Baking Cups in the presentation of all types of food, from individual hors d’oeuvres to single serving desserts, will create an environmentally conscious foundation for any meal. Learn More
  10. REPURPOSE: Assorted Utensils, 24 ea

    Repurpose Utensils are made 100% from plants, renewable and compostable. They are high heat resistant, heavy duty and durable Learn More
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