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  1. CHIVERS: Olde Marmalade Preserve, 12 oz

    Chivers Olde English Marmalade is a fine cut orange marmalade that is delicious. It's made in Cambridge and has atangy flavor, perfect for buttered toast spread. Learn More
  2. GUAYECO: Gourmet Guava Jam, 12 oz

    The Guava Gourmet Family is proud to introduce to you our collection of all-naturtal artisan guava preserves! We offer a delicious selection of handcrafted jam, marmalade and guava paste fresh from our family farms to your kitchen. We here at Guava Gourmet promise to always provide only the best, all natural products free of any artificial preservatives what so ever. Learn More
  3. STONEWALL KITCHEN: Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam, 12.50 oz

    We combine sweet peaches, refreshing raspberries, add a little champagne, and POP! - a perfectly vibrant, sweet tasting jam to liven up your mornings. Filled to the brim with fruit and other natural ingredients, this jam adds a sophisticated twist to your table. Share it with a friend over morning coffee and enjoy your day ahead. Learn More
  4. TABASCO: Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Mild, 10 oz

    Description Available in Spicy or Mild Jalapeño, TABASCO brand Pepper Jelly adds the perfect blend of spicy and sweet flavor to any meal. Serve with cream cheese and crackers as festive holiday appetizer, on roasted meats or as a glaze on your grill. 10 oz. jar. Learn More
  5. BONNE MAMAN: Fig Preserves, 13 oz

    Our Fig Preserves are made with ripened, tender figs that feature smooth, sweet flavors that are perfect for savory flavor combinations. The figs’ natural flavors combine beautifully with bread, cheese, ice cream and more! Learn More
  6. WALDEN FARMS: Calorie Free Fruit Spread Raspberry, 12 oz

    Made with concentrated fruit extracts and natural flavors, but no calorie, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind. Delicious on toast or muffins, marvelous on cottage cheese, in yogurt and as a topping on baked goods. Zero Calories Sugar Free Lactose Free Gluten Free Parve Learn More
  7. FISCHER & WIESER: Red Hot Jalapeno Jelly, 10.9 oz

    Description Forget breakfast and the kids' PB&J, this jelly is not for the faint of heart. Spice up your next supper and see for yourself why this is one of our long-time favorites full of spicy red jalapeno peppers. Enjoy! Gluten Free. Learn More
  8. DALMATIA: Spread Sour Cherry, 8.5 oz

    Perfectly-ripened sour cherries from the Pannonian Valley of Eastern Croatia are cooked with great care to preserve their natural character and create a wonderfully tart, yet sweet spread overflowing with flavor. Our cherries are sourced locally in Croatia. Learn More
  9. BAKOL: 100% Natural Jel Dessert Unflavored Sugar Free, 0.3 oz

    Jel dessert is a fast setting dessert. For optimum results when adding fruits or vegetables, have all the ingredients handy before you begin. Be sure that the food is at room temperature. Molds should be kept warmed in warm water until jel is ready to be poured. Avoid remixing jel once it starts to set as it will not remold. Do not use lemon or pineapple juice due to the higher acidity level in jel than in gelatin. Learn More
  10. TIPTREE: Preserve Raspberry, Seedless, 12 oz

    The Wilkin family has been farming in Tiptree area of England for more than 300 years and making preserves for over 125. That tradition, along with a heritage of superior quality fruits, is something your customers are sure to appreciate. Learn More
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