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Pasta and Sauces

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  1. DELL AMORE: Original Premium Marinara Pasta Sauce, 25 oz

    Original Recipe A perfect blend of vine ripened tomatoes, pure Italian olive oil, chopped garlic and spices. This is the recipe that our grandmother, Filomena, brought with her from Italy. It is a classic that enhances all variety of pasta. Learn More
  2. ALESSI: Pasta Sauce Fra Diavolo, 24 oz

    Authenticity is all in the details. At Alessi we believe in the power of all-natural ingredients, and rich flavors that aren't complicated by fillers, unnecessary additives, and synthetic dyes. Just fresh, clean ingredients straight from Italy. We stay true to tradition in all of our products, so they maintain their pure, authentic flavor. That's the Alessi Way. Learn More
  3. IL MULINO: Bolognese Sauce, 24 oz

    The rich flavors of Bologna delight in our traditional blend of beef, pork, veal and porcini mushrooms. Slow simmered to perfection, the hearty Il Mulino New York Bolognese is a delicious treat served with our signature pasta. Learn More
  4. ALESSI: Chunky Marinara Sauce, 24 oz

    All natural Alessi Marinara Pasta Sauce tastes homemade because it's made just like the Alessi family makes it at home. Fresh garlic and onion are sauteed in Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Chopped Italian pear- shaped tomatoes and fresh basil leaf are then added. These tomatoes are picked from the fields of Italy when they are red, juicy, and vine ripened. The sauce is then seasoned with Alessi Sea Salt, and cooked just enough to preserve the fresh tomato taste and to marry the flavors. Because the sauce is so perfectly balanced, every ingredient can be tasted. Learn More
  5. AL DENTE: Pasta Squid Ink Fettuccine, 10 oz

    Al Dente has defied all odds for success in a very competitive market. With a focus on quality and innovation paired with passion and perseverance, this small-batch, artisanal pasta company has earned its position along side some of the biggest and best brands of pasta in the world! Learn More
  6. VICTORIA: Low Sodium Marinara Sauce, 24 oz

    Our traditional blend of high-quality ingredients, but with only 120 milligrams of sodium per serving. This Low Sodium Marinara Sauce is prepared with imported Italian tomatoes, fresh onion, fresh garlic, fresh basil and Italian olive oil, slow-cooked to perfection. All natural, without any tomato paste or fillers added. Learn More
  7. GEFEN: Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup Cup, 2.3 oz

    GEFEN: Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup Cup, 2.3 oz Learn More
  8. LA MOLISANA: Pasta Farelle, 16 oz

    This is not just a mere pasta, this is the story of a Family that, for 4 generations and over a hundred years, has been carefully selecting and grinding only the finest varieties of wheat, the story of a land that, thanks to its unquestionably excellent, exclusive characteristics, is the perfect place for bringing a unique, exquisite pasta to life. Learn More
  9. 1932 BY MENU: Pomodorina with Fresh Basil Pasta Sauce, 24 oz

    Pomodorina with Fresh Basil: 1932's special name for their recipe, using tomatoes and basil picked from the sun drenched fields of the Emilia Romagna. The base is their Pomodorina sauce but fresh basil deserves the leading role. Italian fresh basil is picked up every morning in summer. Its aromatic perfume gives a hint of fresh taste to the traditional tomato sauce Learn More
  10. BENEDETTO CAVALIERI: Pasta Tagliatelle, 500 gm

    BENEDETTO CAVALIERI: Pasta Tagliatelle, 500 gm Learn More
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