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  1. NAVITAS: Cacao Butter, 8 oz

    One of the most stable fats around, Cacao Butter provides a healthy dose of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Navitas Organics Cacao Butter contains natural antioxidants, as well as nutrients that support mood and the immune system. It contains oleic acid, which is the same healthy fat commonly found in olive oil, and theobromine, the potent alkaloid that makes chocolate so unique. Cacao Butter, the pure, cold-pressed oil of the Cacao bean, is essential for making chocolate, and is ideal in baked goods and treats. It melts at body temperature, making it an excellent massage oil, moisturizer or luxurious add to soaps and lotions. Learn More
  2. THAI KITCHEN: Coconut Cream, 13.66 oz

    Looking for a delicious, dairy-free, gluten-free alternative for vegan cooking and baking? Look no further. Our Thai Kitchen Coconut Cream is thicker and creamier than coconut milk, making it the perfect ingredient for extra-rich curries, incredibly moist baked goods, and delectable drinks. Learn More
  3. DIVINE CHOCOLATE: Cocoa Powder, 4.4 oz

    This high quality cocoa is the best of the best. Whether whisking up a rich dark cup of fragrant hot cocoa, or using cocoa in your favourite chocolate recipes, Divine Cocoa is the perfect choice. Learn More
  4. THAI KITCHEN: Organic Coconut Milk, 14 oz

    Thai Kitchen® Organic Coconut Milk is made from the pressing of fresh, ripe, organic coconut meat. Use for curries, satay sauces, baked or frozen desserts, and drinks. Learn More
  5. STAR ANISE FOODS: Vietnamese Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrapper, 8 Oz

    Star Anise Foods Vietnamese Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrapper, 8 Oz Learn More
  6. ODENSE: Almond Paste, 7 oz

    Our Almond Paste is the best you can buy. Use Almond Paste in baking to enhance your favorite recipes. We love it in pies, either lining the crust or in crumb toppings. We also love it in bread, cakes, and even cookies. Adding the delicate flavor of almonds can make an ordinary recipe extraordinary. Learn More
  7. SOLO: Apricot Cake & Pastry Filling, 12 oz

    Delicate apricots are sweetened with a hint of citrus and cooked slowly to make ready-to-use Solo Apricot Filling, the only choice for quick and easy desserts. Learn More
  8. NUTIVA: Organic Shortening Original Red Palm and Coconut Oils, 15 oz

    Nutiva's shortening is an organic blend of coconut and palm oils. It is the best choice for baked goods such as pie crusts, biscuits and cookies that call for a neutral-flavored, dairy-free shortening. While the palm oil is ideal for creating flaky baked goods, the coconut oil provides the added health benefits of lauric acid. This shortening is vegan and contains no dairy, soy or canola. It is organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade certified. The golden color reveals the presence of antioxidant vitamins A & E naturally found in red palm oil. All Nutiva red palm oil is sourced from small, organic family farms in partnership with Natural Habitats™. Our palm oil does not contribute to deforestation or habitat destruction. Learn More
  9. NATIVE FOREST: Organic Light Coconut Milk Unsweetened, 13.5 oz

    Rich and Creamy Nondairy Staple of Many Regional Cuisines From Thailand to Hawaii to the West Indies, coconut milk has served to nourish millions worldwide as the creamy cornerstone of their delicious regional dishes. We introduced the first certified organic coconut milk to North America in 2001, inspiring numerous imitations. Try Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk in soups, stews, curries, smoothies, and baked goods, and you'll agree: the original is still the best. Organic Light Coconut MilkDelicious coconut milk with half the fat of Classic variety. Learn More
  10. PASCHA: Organic Bitter-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips, 8.75 oz

    Our unique allergen free chocolate chips create an intense & heavenly taste in any recipe. We’ve developed a muffin recipe which is an indulgent treat when combined with our 85% cacao – chocolate chip avocado allergen free muffins. Click the recipe tab for complete directions. USDA Organic Vegan PALEO Certified Kosher 1% for the Planet Non GMO Celiac Certified Fair Trade Certified Learn More
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