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  1. ORGANIC GEMINI: TigerNut Flour, 16 oz

    Our TigerNut Flour provides all of the benefits and the same nutty, slightly sweet flavor as TigerNuts. We mill our premium TigerNuts into a fine powder that works great in all baking recipes and as a smoothie booster! TigerNut flour boasts versatility in both savory and sweet recipes. This nut-free and gluten-free flour can replace white flour with similar results - and it actually rises in baking! Learn More
  2. MANISCHEWITZ: Matzo Meal Daily Canister, 16 oz

    At Manischewitz our goal has always been to provide the highest quality kosher products to families. We are proud to offer wholesome, traditional foods made from simple ingredients Learn More
  3. NUTIVA: Organic Coconut Flour Gluten-Free, 1 lb

    This versatile flour is finely ground from dried coconut meat, with a lower glycemic index than most traditional flours. Its rich texture and natural sweetness make it great for baking. Our coconut flour is certified gluten-free. Coconut flour can be substituted for up to 1/3rd of wheat flour in standard recipes. Due to its high fiber content it absorbs lots of liquid, so increase the liquid in the recipe by an equal amount. Because it is gluten-free, it is necessary to add egg, chia gel, or even substitute a small amount of tapioca flour to assure that it binds properly. Learn More
  4. ONE DEGREE: Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour, 80 Oz

    Make bread, cookies, and new friends with flour from this ancient healthy grain. Spelt is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sprouting boosts key vitamins and minerals, and simplifies digestibility. Non-GMO Project Verified. Learn More
  5. PAMELA'S PRODUCTS: Gluten Free Artisan Flour Blend Non-Dairy Wheat Free, 4 lb

    Delicious scratch baking will be back in your life! This flour blend has no dairy, no nuts, no salt, no leavening, no corn and no soy. It will work perfectly in most of your traditional recipes or with subtle tweaking such as adding more liquid. Now you can bake like you used to! Learn More
  6. STREITS: Unsalted Matzo Meal, 12 oz

    Streit's Unsalted Matzo Meal. The taste of a memory. 12 oz Learn More
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