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  1. BELA: Mackerel Piri Piri, 4.25 oz

    BELA Brand Seafood is proudly sourced from traditional local fisheries which have existed for centuries, along the non-industrial European coastline. BELA and the local family businesses have forged strong relationships and life-time friendships. Our partnership and pride in the local resources and the riches they offer leads to the freshest, most delicious catches of the day. Learn More
  2. VIGO: Spanish Squid in Ink Sauce, 4 oz

    Vigo Calamares in ink is a popular Spanish delicacy. Although calamares (squid) can range in size from 1 inch to 80 feet, the smaller, more tender varieties are the ones enjoyed for their mild, somewhat sweet flavor and firm, chewy texture. The ink from the squid has been retained because of the unique flavor it adds. Vigo Calamares in Ink are rich in protein and phosphorus and make a healthy menu choice. Learn More
  3. COLES: Sardines Olive Oil, 4.4 oz

    Caught by local boats in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, these delicious sardines are sealed in a mouth-watering tomato sauce. Our sardines are sustainably caught via the purse seine method. Learn More
  4. MANISCHEWITZ: Gefilte Fish in Liquid Broth, 24 Oz

    Manischewitz Gefilte Fish in Liquid Broth, 24 Oz Learn More
  5. REESE: Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil, 3.75 oz

    Reese Plain Sardines have a perfect balance of saltiness and a unique flavor. They are great to add to pasta, pizza or salads. These sardines are skinned and deboned for your convenience. Learn More
  6. MANISCHEWITZ: Sweet Gefilte Fish in Jelled Broth, 24 Oz

    Manischewitz Sweet Gefilte Fish in Jelled Broth, 24 Oz Learn More
  7. BAR HARBOR: Boneless Skinless Smoked Sardine Fillets, 6 oz

    When you live on the coast of Maine, your life is ruled by water. Waves, gulls in the sky, the thrilling tug of a fish on the line. Our herring, mackerel, and kippers keep the clean bite of cold, clear water in mind. All our seafood has the snap of crisp offshore wind, and is made by people who grew up on the water. It's as close to "fresh off the boat" as you can get. Learn More
  8. REESE: Rolled Fillets of Anchovies with Capers in Olive Oil, 2 oz

    Reese Anchovies, treasured tiny fish from sunny shores-- bring a tangy and exotic flair to your favorite sauces, dressings, salads, pizza or seafood. Learn More
  9. NAPOLEON: Flat Anchovy, 2 oz

    NAPOLEON: ANCHOVY FLAT (2.000 OZ) Learn More
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