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Resale Rights

Master Resale Rights (MRR)
MRR rights are very similar to PLR products, apart from you are not allowed to change the product in any way or claim authorship over the product. The beauty of MRR products is that they allow you to resell the product to your customer with resell rights. This then allows for your customer to sell the product to their customer. Master Resale Rights products are generally the most popular form of license you will find online.
Resale Rights (RR)
Resale rights allow for the product to be sold on to your customer as is, it cannot be amended. The customer then has no right to pass it on or sell it to their customers. In basic terms, once you receive a product with resell rights you can sell it on to your customer and the sales stop there.
Giveaway Rights
You can give the product away for free (in any way you wish unless the license terms state otherwise). You cannot resell or change in any way. These products will usually only include an eBook with no other items.